Cliff Seruntine

Cliff Seruntine is a devoted permaculturist, a practicing shaman, a writer and fiddler, and a psychotherapist with a busy private practice. He was born in New Orleans and grew up in the bayou country on his grandfather’s farm among French speaking Acadians. Cliff was always one to roam the outdoors and spent many hours among the elders of the countryside, absorbing lore of the myths, enchantment and spirits that were so much a part of the Acadian world. Shortly after Cliff began college, he took a hiatus to see Alaska that turned into a decade and a half sojourn in the wilderness. Often dwelling at a remote cabin, Cliff studied the shamanic practices and Inuqun beliefs of the subarctic aboriginal peoples, and found in them many curious parallels to the Acadian and Celtic faerie faith.

Years later Cliff and his wife, Daphne, came to desire a place where they could cultivate their own food, keep horses and develop their dream of a self-sufficient homestead. They relocated to the misty wooded glens of the Nova Scotia highlands, ancestral Canadian home of the Gaels. There they maintain organic gardens, raise dairy goats and keep alive old skills such as horse driving, cheesemaking, brewing and woodscraft. They also teach classes on how to live green while living well.

Cliff is the author of Seasons of the Sacred Earth (Llewellyn, 2013), An Ogham Wood (Avalonia Esoterica Press, 2011) and The Lore of the Bard (Llewellyn, 2003). He has contributed to a number books, including The Faery Craft (Llewellyn, 2013) and The Faery Queens Anthology (Avalonia, 2013), and has been invited to write several times for Llewellyn’s bestselling Witches’ Calendar and herb journal.  Cliff has been invited to write for several publishers on bushcrafting, self-sufficient homesteading and balanced living. Cliff has also been published in magazines on Celtic history, paranormal phenomena and written for webzines about ecology, sustainable living and earth-based spirituality.

The Wildwood Way is is first title to be released with Crossed Crow Books.