Geraldine Smythe

Geraldine is a native upstate New Yorker with her family roots in rural Pennsylvania and Kildare, Ireland.  She grew up in a religiously tolerant Irish Catholic home and was raised on a spiritual diet of Northern European fairy tales, Irish-Catholic ritual and Early American folklore.  At the age of five, Geraldine requested that she dress as a “real” witch on her first Halloween and subsequently demanded that same costume every year after.  In high school she voraciously consumed every book she could find dealing with magic and occultism and finally discovered the occult/new age section at her local shopping mall bookstore where she bought her first rune stones. Her passion for the craft took her into diverse areas of occult study and magical practice.

In 1992 she began traveling regularly to New York City and became a regular customer at the legendary Magical Childe occult shop in Chelsea. Here, she made many friends and quickly joined a group of Dianic Witches who based their work on a combination of Gardnerian Wicca and New Aeon Thelema. During college as a student of sociology, she became interested in the vibrant and multi-faceted practices of Cuban and Puerto Rican Spiritism and their roots in African religions and the Catholic Church. She was eventually welcomed into a circle of Espiritismo practitioners, where she was formally initiated and had her spirit guides identified.

Over the past twenty years Geraldine has grown to identify as a Hedge Witch, continually weaving her knowledge and passion for the Craft into a beguiling tapestry of Traditional Witchcraft, indigenous shamanic practices and spirit work; all specifically aimed at greater empowerment, honoring the forces of nature and facilitating her nightly journeys through the Hedge.  

Geraldine’s first book with Crossed Crow, The Craft of the Hedge Witch, is schedule to be released in Spring/Summer of 2022.