Laetitia Latham-Jones

Laetitia is a Kentish Maid born in the small country town of Swanscombe.
She visited Cornwall frequently on family vacations and after leaving home, continued to visit until her eventual move in 2008. Laetitia is a Mother (and a Grandmother from her late 30s). She experimented with solitary magical work and also worked within Egyptian and Gardnerian Wiccan groups. Laetitia eventually became an Alexandrian initiate, 3rd in line from Alex and Maxine Sanders. She is trained in psychic development and mediumship and hosted and taught her own students in developmental spiritual groups. After moving to Cornwall she was taught the way of the Cunning/Folk Craft by Cassandra Latham-Jones and they have worked together since 2009. In the Spring of 2021 Laetitia received a high level initiation within the Old Craft.

Laetitia attained a qualification in counselling in 1993 for survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence. She has also attained a Diploma in Crisis and Trauma Counselling in 2019 and using her own experience, specialized in assisting former cult members. Laetitia has participated in campaigning work for an organization that exposes sexual and emotional abuse within religious organizations.

Laetitia’s first book with Crossed Crow, Be Careful What You Wish For, is a memoir of her journey into the Craft as well as her pilgrimage to Cornwall.