Death’s Head: Animal Skulls in Witchcraft (PB)


Death’s Head

Animal Skulls in Witchcraft & Spirit Work 

This book represents a unique blend of folklore and hands-on Witchcraft, all centered around the use of skulls. Contained herein are the manifestations of the author’s own personal style of Witchcraft as well as methods for magically finding a skull, ways of purifying the skull, and instructions on how to imbue the skull with spirit presence for the purpose of divination, insight, and other acts of magic. Also included are rituals for the physical manifestation of the spirit and instructions for petitioning magical favors by way of spirit intervention. The Witch seeking a stronger, more intense connection with the spirit world will find good use of the rituals and methods given.

Standard Paperback. 5″x8”, 102 pages. 


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Open your eyes and walk in silence around the cemetery, allowing the eyes to adjust to the darkness. Know that as they adjust, you are seeing with more than just your mortal eyes – you are seeing with the eyes of the spirit. Walk and listen to what it has to say. Do this for as long as you feel so inclined. Let the feeling of some otherworldly presence build behind you but whatever you do, do not turn around


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