Forthcoming Titles

We have an incredible lineup of titles set to be released in the coming months.

Star Magic by Sandra Kynes
We are beyond excited to welcome Sandra Kynes to the Crossed Crow Books family with the re-release of her book Star Magic. In this revised and updated edition, Kynes will take readers through the folklore, mythology, and correspondences associated with the constellations and the stars that comprise them. The reader will also find within these pages a collection of the author’s spells and charms, offering wonderful insight into her own personal practice while showing the reader how draw on these potent powers. Any Witch or magical practitioner looking to incorporate theses stellar powers into their magic will find good use from this book. Coming Spring 2023.

A Year of Ritual by Sandra Kynes
In A Year of Ritual, Sandra Kynes presents a comprehensive seasonal guide for both the solitary Witch as well as the established coven. Themes and ritual outlines for each of the Witch’s eight sabbats, as well as each of the full moons, are presented in an easy to follow format with rituals that can be worked with good results as written, or used as inspiration for the Witch or coven who seeks to create their own workings. Working through this book will encourage the Witch to develop a stronger, more rewarding connection with both the seasonal and lunar tides of power that influence us all so greatly. Spring 2023.

Legends, Tales, & Parables: A Witch’s Book of Terribles by Wycke Malliway
Legends, Tales, & Parables: A Witch’s Book of Terribles is an illustrated collection of fairy tales featuring witches and the practice of magic at the center of each story. From the timid garden witch, Aunt Brynelda, to the dastardly Nonna Noxa, these tales showcase many valuable lessons for any who practice the art of witchcraft. Whether you are a witch yourself seeking to further understand the craft, or simply wanting to enjoy a whimsical tale, A Witch’s Book of Terribles will serve you well. Winter 2022.

Witchcraft and the Shamanic Journey by Kenneth Johnson
Originally published as North Star Road, this beautifully written book will show seekers of the magical arts how to reclaim the old traditions of our pagan ancestors. The core of this work focuses on the exploration of shamanic practices in our history as the platform from which the mysterious otherworld may be experienced. In working through this book, the reader will be exposed to methods of traveling in spirit, the origins of the Witch’s Sabbat, the folklore of the Wild Hunt, and ways of traveling to the Land of the Dead. Winter 2022.

Be Careful What You Wish For by Laetitia Latham-Jones
Be Careful What You Wish For describes the courageous journey of a village wisewoman, a witch, in Cornwall, England, as she struggled to find herself and establish her identity. From her strict, religious upbringing to her trials in coming to the Craft, Laetitia’s story is a truly inspiring read that reminds us that perseverance and patience pays off, and is a hard reminder of how the old gods and the spirits can test and challenge us; it’s a story that explores her life-long connection to the magical land of Cornwall, the journey that led her there, and the life that followed. Winter 2022

In the Shadow of Thirteen Moons by Kimberly Sherman-Cook
Embrace your inner shadow with this revised and expanded book by Kimberly Sherman-Cook. By tapping into the power and potency of the dark moon using the rituals, exercises, and magical workings contained herein, both the experienced Witch and the neophyte, will be introduced to new and exciting paths that lead to self-discovery. The reader will be introduced to new ways of confronting one’s own inner shadow and working with deities who are more closely aligned with the dark moon. Coming early 2023.

Celtic Tree Mysteries: Secrets of the Ogham by Steve Blamires
The Ogham has been often discussed in many magical tomes of a Celtic persuasion, but arguably no tome goes into as much detail about this system of magic and divination as Steve Blamires does in Celtic Tree Mysteries. Each of the Ogham trees is explored in great detail with valueable insights into each tree’s virtues on the physical level, mental level, and the spiritual level. Also included are practical magical workings that the seeker may employ to further connect with the energies of each tree. A must have for any seeker of a Celtic based magical or spiritual tradition. Coming 2023.

Merlin: Master of Magick by Gordon Strong
History, myth, and magick all combine in this tome to offer the reader a detailed glimpse into the origins, life, and mysteries of none other than Merlin himself. A figure shrouded in obscurity, Merlin has attracted the attention of magical practitioners all over the world, and those seeking to draw inspiration from the ‘Merlin current’ of magical practice and philosophy will appreciate the unique insight that Gordon Strong offers in this work. Coming 2023.

Tarot Unveiled by Gordon Strong
The Tarot is a philosophical document, a wisdom tradition and a gateway to the unseen. Being beyond time, it has the power to reveal the ebb and flow of existence – the divine rhythm. An invaluable guide for the beginner and the professional reader alike, Gordon Strong perceptively explains all the cards of the Major and the Minor Arcana. A brief history of the Tarot, an intimate guide to Divination, Tarot Correspondences, numerology and Tarot meditation exercises are also included. Coming 2023.

King Arthur: The Wasteland and the New Age by Gordon Strong
Coming 2023.

Sun God and Moon Maiden: The Secret World of the Holy Grail by Gordon Strong
The Holy Grail is many things to many people. The medieval troubadour saw it as a vision of heaven. In the twenty-first century, the quantum physicist finds heaven in parallel universes. The shaman, who links prehistory with the modern world, travels in other dimensions knowing he will experience the parameters of existence. In “Sun God and Moon Maiden,” Gordon Strong suggests that the presence of the Grail questions not only space and time but perception itself. The philosophy of Plato, the psychology of Jung and the nobility of kings are within the Grail’s domain. It resides in the endless galaxy of the mind. This interior landscape is where we discover yet more gateways into Inner Space, realms where we may come to know the universe, and ourselves. From Atlantis to Arthur’s Camelot, the path to Avalon still awaits. As Gordon Strong demonstrates in this fascinating book – encompassing mythology, magic and modern physics – the ancient wisdom of the Qabalah, the Tarot and Sacred Stone Circles are poised to lead us to the Chalice of Inspiration. Coming 2023.